Jobs in Florida when relocating from Puerto Rico

With its enticing combination of affordable sites, dynamic workforce and exceptional quality of life, SW Florida appeals to companies in such diverse industry sectors as healthcare, business services, logistics and manufacturing. Companies that start here tend to stay here, and those that move to this region find  a good place to grow. Globally minded firms enjoy easy access to both domestic and international markets via I-75 , which puts 4 deep water ports-Manatee, Tampa, Miami and Everglades-within an average 160-mile drive. Southwest Florida International Airport, is among  the nation’ s 50 busiest, and Page Field, a general aviation facility, are designated Foreign Trade Zones, and Punta Gorda Airport,23 mid-sized U.S. cities are now just one-non-stop flight away and SWFL International Airport non-stop flight away to S.J. thanks to Sun Country Air. Employers looking to put down roots in this region can anticipate having the workers they’ll need in the years ahead. The University of Florida’s Bureaus of Business and Economic Research projects a 9% increase in SW Florida’s 25-54 age group by 2020, compared to 4% across the entire state. Companies like Hertz, Chico’s Fas Inc. (clothing retailer) Arthrex Inc. (designer / manufacture of surgical device) Health Management Associates Inc.(health care) Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC)electricity distributor ASG Software Solutions ( software providers ) Arthrex Inc. , WCI Communities Inc.(developer and home builder)and many others Co. that have made SW Florida home, providing employment possibilities to many of our work force.